In Russia, during the last six months, the number of cyber attacks against companies and the public sector increased between 1.5 and 7 times compared to the same period in 2021. The reasons are politically motivated actions of hackers, the departure of security system providers, the problems of bringing cybercriminals abroad to justice.

In Russia, the number of cyberattacks on companies increased up to seven times

The financial sector, retail, logistics, the insurance industry and the public sector were under attack. The number of leaks during this time increased eightfold, Izvestia reported.

Against this background, demand for security products from Russian developers has grown: sales are facilitated by hacker activity and reduced competition, experts said.

According to Positive Technologies, at the beginning of the year, the demand for network traffic behavior analysis systems, developed by the company, grew by 236%, for application code security analysis systems – 132%, for monitor information security events and detect incidents – by 63%.

The sphere of information security in Russia may attract developers from Asian countries, Russian companies should consider entering the market of such competitors.


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Source: RB

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