Kaspersky Lab employees spoke about the company’s reaction to the request to relocate to another country after the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine. According to Vice, Kaspersky Lab asked these workers to leave the company.

Kaspersky Lab asked employees who wanted to leave Russia to resign: media

LK founder Evgeny Kaspersky, according to the publication’s sources, at a company meeting a few days after the start of the special operation, to questions about relocation, said that “if the captain remains on the ship, the team must also stay on the boat, whatever the weather.

A former Kaspersky Lab employee told Vice that he knew “at least five other people” who faced the same situation and decided to retire. Another former employee also confirmed this information: the company asked employees who wanted to live and work elsewhere to resign.

An employee who left Russia before receiving a final response from the company on his relocation request said the human resources department had said, “Either you come back or you leave.” A Kaspersky Lab representative denied this information to the publication, stating that the company has an internal relocation program if there is a suitable vacancy in the selected region or country and the employee meets its requirements.

Kaspersky Lab’s press service told RB.RU that “in relocation, the company is guided primarily by business needs” and that the program is available to all employees.

“We process such applications on an individual basis: we analyze the availability of a vacancy in the selected region, the employee’s internal experience and knowledge of the local market, we take into account the working principles of a particular team. If an employee meets the requirements established in the vacancy, his candidacy is considered as a priority; in case of successful completion of the interviews, he will be able to relocate. Such cases have already been,” the company said.

Kaspersky Lab, according to information on its website, operates in 200 countries, with 35 offices in 31 countries. The number of employees exceeds 4 thousand.


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Source: RB

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