With the launch of the James Webb telescope in space, a new era in the study of the Universe began. The first photos of him began last month. The scope of the telescope allows you to look further than before. There are no cameras that can be useful for studying objects in the solar system. Recently lenses have been placed towards Jupiter.

Panet-gant rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr rr After image processing, numerous fine details are revealed. In the composition of the photo, bright auroras are highlighted in red. Hazes are shown in yellow and green. The main planet of the cloud has taken on a blue color. The famous “eye” of Jupiter in bright white against the general background. Employee Webb explained that brightness meant more height.


Thus bright areas may be the cloud tops of raging convective storms. screen mode shows the wide-ranging rings of the planet in orange and solute. The two moons of Jupiter are clearly visible. The rear view is informative and allows you to see far from our stellar space …. Space explorers admit that they did not expect a real Siberian effect from the illumination of the orbital observatory observatory. Now they are analyzing the data and attaching themselves to new significant discoveries.


Source: Tech Cult

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