Tesla Model S owner Brandon Dalali implanted an NFC chip in your right hand, and now the car opens without a key.

The car fits the chip and oil receiver $400. They cut out a small NFC chip that does not require recharging. the work is no different from the principle of Apple Pay.

When Dalali walks up to a closed car, he simply puts his hand on the Model 3’s stand, after which the car reads the NFC and opens.

The video that Dalali uploaded to Twitter was taken right after the operation. At that time, he had a tumor on his arm, so the opening of the car usually lasted. But the discovery in the car owner, once the tumor was gone, Tesla began to recognize NFC much faster.

This is not Dalali’s first chip. Previously, he implanted another chip in his left hand, which opens the front door of the house. [Carscoops]

Source: Iphones RU

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