Lei Jia of Kent State University and other marketing professors Xiaojing Yang and Yuwei Jiang conducted 11 studies on the behavior and characteristics of cats, dogs and their owners.

The first two studies found that people in states with more dogs were more likely to get covid in 2020 than those living in areas with more cats.

In another study, experts asked participants to imagine they had two thousand dollars. They also had to choose which fund to invest their money in: more conservative or riskier. Dog owners were more likely to take risks, while cat owners were the opposite.

Another study aimed to examine the response to the advertisement of 283 undergraduate students. They also needed to remember their interactions with the cat or dog before starting the task. It turned out that those who think about the dog perceive the advertisements that talk about the benefits of massage to the body (accelerating the metabolism, rejuvenate, etc.), and those who think about the cat are more “led” to words. About massage, such as “reduces body aches”, “reduces tension”, “relieves stress”.

Scientists believe that this behavior of people is due to the fact that when they remember cats or dogs, associations with these animals also appear in their heads. For example, dogs can be impatient, while cats can be cautious.

Source: Ferra

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