The Central Bank has prepared amendments to the national payment system law, which coincides with the draft information exchange with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was adopted by the State Duma at the first reading. According to the document, it is proposed to introduce a two-day “freeze” on transfers whose data is in a special database of the issuer. Based on the same data, it is recommended that the customer’s money be fully refunded if the transfer is still sent to the scammers.

Banks will be required to return the money within a month if the money is transferred to fraudsters in Russia, and within two months if the money goes abroad.

Experts praised the increased security of transfers, but fear banks will block money movement too often. On the other hand, the database of fraudsters owned by the Central Bank is updated with a delay of 5-7 days, so a lot of money will still go to the fraudsters.

Source: Ferra

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