Candidates participating in the competition elections 2022 have Facebook and Instagram as the most used social networksAccording to a survey conducted by G1, published Wednesday (24) The information is available in the nomination record that the candidates submit to the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE).

The two meta-controlled platforms manage the list of links sent by them to the agency, reaching 77% of the data reported. Losing its place among the youngest in the first place, Facebook was followed closely by Instagram with 13,300 profiles quoted by the candidates, and 12,800 links were opened.

A little further on, Twitter ranks third with 3,100 profiles reported to the TSE. closing top 5 Social networks most used by candidates competing in the 2022 ElectionsAccording to the survey, YouTube is in fourth place with 2.1 thousand profiles, while TikTok is in fifth place with 2.02 thousand links.

It is important to underline that the information submitted to the Electoral Court is self-declarative and may bring both the profiles of competitors and links to platforms used by the parties they represent. This kind of data was made public for the first time by TSE.

Less popular platforms

While Facebook and Instagram are leading, candidates for public office in the election, whose first round will be held on October 2, cannot access other social networks. Although widely used among presidential candidates, the video application kwai there were only 148 cited links.

Popular in the corporate world, LinkedIn According to the publication, 526 connections are revealed to the TSE, most of which belong to candidates from the Novo party. telegram (172), What’s up? (113), flickr (56) Spotify (16) and Pinterest (10) are other platforms mentioned in the records.

Source: Tec Mundo

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