A gaucho from Bento Gonçalves (RS) obtained the right to issue a new CPF in court with the Federal Revenue. The privilege, which is not normally accepted by the tax authority, was granted by the 4th District Federal District Court (TRF4) as a 62-year-old male. He became a victim of fraud due to third party use of his number in the Personal Register.

Originally determined by the decision of the 1st Federal Court of Bento Gonçalves, the Union objected on the grounds that the CPF corresponds to a unique number for each Brazilian citizen. This means that “once the author is registered, I can’t get new numberunder penalty of inconsistencies in tax control systems,” says the appeal.

However, Panel 4 has now dismissed the appeal. According to Victor Luiz dos Santos Laus, the presiding judge of the case, “the misuse of the plaintiff’s CPF number by third parties to commit fraud has been amply demonstrated in the case file through the extensive documentation attached. Such evidence is sufficient to show what is what. Over the years it has been suffering from misuse of its CPF.”.

What happened to the Gaucho citizen’s first CPF?

According to the TRF4 website, the injured citizen, a bricklayer, sued in June 2020 over the frequent use of CPF by scammers for fraudulent applications after his personal documents were lost in 2002.

The author even had to respond to lawsuits for fraudulent opening of companies and false income tax returns.

For the second-instance rapporteur of the case, TRF4 has established case-law on the subject that determines: “In case of improper use of the CPF by third parties, fraudulently exposing the owner to damage, its cancellation is possible, with the execution of the new registration”.

Source: Tec Mundo

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