In most cases, all the options offered by the smartphones you own are unknown, and that’s what happens with OS users. Android when sharing files. As with Apple’s AirDrop, Google has its own technology for doing this up close, which not many people know about. named NearbyShare.

This is an improvement found on the vast majority of phones that integrate the Mountain View company’s operating system (especially the latest generation). Basically, this function is a protocol. share content compatible and with nearby devices. And every time, without having to use any cables. And the truth is that it works very well and is reliable right now… so it’s not a bad idea to know how to enable and use it.

How to enable Share with Nearby on your Android

The first thing to keep in mind is you don’t need to install anything To be able to use this tool on your mobile phone. It’s natural if the terminal offers compatibility… Otherwise you can’t do anything to add it – because the manufacturer has decided that it is so and has removed all traces of it.

To enable Share with Nearby, it’s best to go to: Settings your Android and search bar Write the name of the technology above. If there is, the section you need to access to enable everything will appear as the first result. Click on that place and always have a slider which one you should use (the name is usually Use Nearby Sharing -Or similar-). There is no loss and this does not increase battery consumption or consume resources from the operating system.

Share with Nearby option on Android

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To take advantage of this Google technology, it is essential that you have the following options. Location on the smartphone, as this allows it to be found (or sent to) by other users. Also, it’s always important to have both, as different options are used for shipping depending on which is best. wireless Internet What Bluetooth It is active for the terminal to choose the most suitable way to ship.

And that’s all you have to do and think When using Share with Nearby on Android devices.

This is how Google technology is used

Well, everything is really simple because once you have chosen what you want to share like a text file or an image, you have to select the option. To share As usual on your Android. So you will see a possibility called among the options appearing in the list of available applications. Close -Or similar-. Click on it and start the search. you will see one ready nearby devices that are compatible and available to you.

When choosing the desired one, notification which you have to accept. In this case, the device checks which communication interface is most suitable at that moment (in terms of stability and speed). Once this is done start the process. you just have to to wait for it to end. Simple, don’t you think?

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