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A hidden feature to protect your privacy that 35% of Android users don’t know about


SalshGear wanted to test some of their readers, and knowing the large number of users who currently use the Android operating system, they knew that few would be aware of some of the “hidden” features that their smartphone can perform.

Of the 592 respondents in the US, 20.27% had no idea that you could turn off the lock screen automatically while at home, and 17.91% had no idea about the one-handed mode, which allows you to easily control your phone without straining your finger.

However, what really caught our attention is a feature that promotes our privacy and 34.80% of those surveyed didn’t know it existed: guest mode. It’s likely that you don’t know about it either, so we’re going to give you a little introduction and maybe it will become your new ally in front of your friends, for example.

How to set Android guest mode?

As users who are all or almost all PC users, we already know the guest function even before we get into our personal account, which we can password protect.

And it is that with these characteristics we will be able to protect our privacy while still allowing others to use our computer. Well, here’s where it happens. android guest mode feature. This allows you to create different user profiles on your smartphone.

The new profiles we create from our (main) one will have limited access to all of our files, photos, and phone apps. In guest mode, the guest user can only access built-in and pre-installed applications. The apps you installed won’t be visible to them.

So the person who accesses your smartphone will not be able to uninstall apps as it only shows the default apps provided by the manufacturer. The same thing happens if that third person wants to install an app on your phone. What will happen is a copy will be created within the guest session, without affecting your personal one.

To configure it, we must:

  • Swipe down on the screen to open the notifications panel. You can also find it under Users & Accounts in Settings.
  • You will see the profile icon at the top of the notification bar. On most devices, it’s in the top right corner.
  • Finally, click on the icon that says guest mode and your device will switch to guest user. It’s all. You are in guest mode.

Guest mode also blocks access to phone calls, notifications, text messages, etc. of the owner.

All data such as images, contacts, emails, etc. associated with your main Google account will be hidden from the guest user. We add that the Galaxy does not yet have this feature in smartphones.

Source: Computer Hoy

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