Kassir.ru acquired the older Parter.ru aggregator from German CTS Eventim. The deal will close shortly. Terms are not disclosed.

Kassir.ru bought the oldest Parter.ru aggregator from German CTS Eventim

The ticket operator will improve the experience at the expense of the Parter.ru team and audience coverage at the expense of its database, Kassir.ru CEO Yevgeny Finkelstein told Kommersant.

One of the publication’s sources suggested that in the future the brands of the two companies could be combined, but for now both showcases will remain.

The deal itself could have been “virtually cashless.” CTS Eventim has long wanted to get out of the unprofitable asset, added the second interlocutor of the newspaper.

In 2021, Kassir.ru’s revenue amounted to 139 million rubles, with a loss of 201 million rubles. According to Yevgeny Finkelstein, in the first half of the year alone, the company’s turnover reached 5 billion rubles, by the end of the year he hopes to reach 11-12 billion rubles.

The turnover of the entire market for ticket sales for theaters, concerts and sporting events, according to their forecasts, will amount to 80 billion rubles.

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