WhatsApp developers are working on a new camera menu design. Beta testers can start the new menu on WhatsApp for iOS now. The new interface has also appeared for some Android testers.

WABetaInfo reports that the new camera interface appears in version of WhatsApp beta. It’s not much different from the current camera interface. An additional button in the upper-left corner takes you back to the chat, and a button in the lower-left corner takes you to the revised gallery, where you can easily find photos and videos you’ve already taken to share in the conversation.

WhatsApp is also working on file sharing up to 2GB. For example, you can also share longer videos and choose higher quality. However, you can also share files, for example, in addition to photos and videos.

Media selector. The list of recent photos and videos in the camera interface has been preserved. It disappeared on some iOS testers. It looks like the developers are choosing to keep the media selector forever.

WhatsApp camera

Taking a photo with WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s built-in camera for Android doesn’t take the best photos, as it caters to the camera in its own way. You take the best photos by letting your phone talk to the camera instead of WhatsApp. This also applies to the Android apps of Snapchat and Instagram, for example. Developers do not have this option on an iPhone.

There are some useful photo and video tips for WhatsApp to share more beautiful photos. Of course it’s useful if you want to make a bigger impression and also share a photo you might want to print. You can choose to just open the camera app and take a photo and then share it to WhatsApp. A handy trick is to press the paper clip in the conversation window and hold the camera button for two seconds. When you choose Take Photo or Take Video, you now do it with the camera app.

Also don’t forget in WhatsApp settings Storage and data whether you’re using an iPhone or Android. Bee Photo upload quality You can specify the extent to which WhatsApp can compress the photos you send. Lower quality means less data consumption, the best photo quality, of course more. But even at the best quality it will compress your WhatsApp photo.

If you want to share an uncompressed photo or video on WhatsApp, tap the paperclip and then hold the button while speaking. Gallery hold for a few seconds. Then your smartphone’s standard photo gallery opens, where you can select a photo to share without loss of quality.

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