last moments internet explorer For loyal browser friends (if they still exist) it will be remembered by web history as a mild and somewhat unpleasant February 14th. Microsoft is cutting remaining ties with one of the internet’s greatest remnants through a network. Windows 10 software update rolling out today to permanently disable the browser and set all computers to default to Microsoft Edge.

The update now allows users to Internet Explorer 11 in most versions Windows 10. There are some exceptions, such as the Microsoft Long-Term Maintenance Channel for Windows 10 and versions such as Windows 10 China Government Edition. For everything else, IE 11 will be invalid.

An interesting fact is that Internet Explorer desktop icons for now they will remain as they are – present but without functionality.

omens of the end

A fan from South Korea created a tombstone with the software's logo in June last year.

Internet Explorer is now officially embedded, but as of June 2022, Microsoft has already ended browser support. This was one of the first signs of the browser’s fateful end, in addition to its growing loss of popularity over the past decade. Jung Ki-Young, a South Korean fan at the time, made a tombstone with the software logo and jokingly went viral. The phrase “It was a good tool to download other browsers” has already said goodbye to the browser.

Internet Explorer was released alongside the Windows 95 operating system in 1995 and for a long time was the most popular browser among Microsoft users. May he rest in heaven after years of service.

Source: Tec Mundo

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