This iPad with the M1 chip comes at a delicious price in just this color

One of the best performing iPads has dropped its price, and that’s a very good recommendation.

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Sometimes I stop thinking about whether I should buy a new MacBook Air with the new iPad Air 2022 on the market. lighter, more versatile and portable and the price is for half of an Apple laptop. Just the cost today 679 Only 645 Euros on Amazon space gray color.

This iPad Air 5th generation takes an iPad Pro level Fully developed, with backup power, very long life battery and one of the best performing displays on the market today. If this color does not convince you, there is a small discount on the rest, but not as much as this space gray that transfers so much character. If you are looking for a tablet for students, I will only recommend this one.

iPad Air 5 (2022)

Buy the best iPad Air right now

iPad Air 5

We have one of the real alternatives to the current MacBook Air for half the price

This iPad was released in March 2022 in either WiFi or WiFi + 4G versions. This model is on sale only with wifi, but that’s all it takes to operate at 100% of their capacity. The 5th generation iPad Air is a light, powerful tablet with a good screen, battery life It’s a train and memory to install and migrate your newly updated system, iPadOS 15, completely hassle-free.


iPad Air is now a great device at an incredible price

iPad Air 5 integrates: same Apple M1 chip The 5nm of the 2020 MacBook Air and Pro, which works very well for the Californian manufacturer. We also have this 8GB RAM inside, already next to the Apple M1 GPU graphics chip 64GB internal memory. On this occasion, we no longer have Touch ID on the middle button (this button was eventually removed) and we don’t have Face ID, so our fingerprint reader is on the side As with most current Android mobile phones.

This 2022 iPad Air is the best you can get for around 650 euros.

This iPad Air 5’s display is most impressive when turned on. we are a 10.9 inch IPS panel Very high resolution with a typical brightness of 500 nits, compatible with all Apple Pencil models 2,360 x 1,540 pixels and anti-reflective oleophobic coating. It’s at its base 2 high quality stereo speakers and a microphone to get good clarity on Face Time calls with volume.

The battery of this 2022 iPad Air Adds 7,600mAh we will have autonomy about 12 hours of continuous use (browsing, video playback and image editing). With moderate use that we usually give to any tablet, you’ll be charging this iPad Air’s battery once a week.

iPad Air 5 (2022)

Regarding its ports and connectivity, USB-C port To charge or connect a peripheral such as a USB stick, mouse, keyboard, or transfer the iPad’s image to a larger monitor WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, integrated GPS and headphone jack 3.5mm jack. With these features and this price, Where do you find such a good tablet or laptop?

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