Frank’s agency RG conducted a large-scale study of the ranking of the most profitable subscription services of large companies in the second quarter of 2022.

The study was conducted on the basis of a survey of 1,000 people aged 20 to 54 years. The rating of favorable conditions includes tariff conditions, including their product content, annual cost.

The list of participants included:

one. MegaFon (MegaFon Plus)
2. MTS (MTS Premium)
3. Sber (SberPrime, SberPrime+)
four. “Network of Partnerships” (Fire)
5. Tinkoff (Tinkoff Pro)
6. Yandex (Yandex Plus, Plus with, Plus with Amediateka)
7. VKontakte (VK Combo)
eight. OZONE (OZONE Premium)
9. X5 Group (X5 Package)

▪️ The ideal subscription should have discounts on mobile communications, the availability of mobile services, taxis, banking products and food delivery.

▪️ the most important and most important clarifications are named conditions in the category “Content and hobbies”. They included mobile communications (the choice of 36% of respondents), online cinema services (25%) and music (19%).

▪️ Among the expenses in other categories of users, discounts are required for purchases in marketplaces (36%), food and grocery delivery (26%), medicines (22%), taxi payments (25%), conditions for banking products (17%).

▪️ By the ratio of invested “buns” and price the most profitable recognized subscription “Fire” from the “Network of Partnerships” provider due to a large selection of services, both Lifestyle and financial orientation

Rating in terms of “price-quality” ratio

For example, if Gazprombank’s customers have a Fire subscription, they can receive plus 2.25% of the interest accrued on a savings account. Benefits of subscriptions Frank R.G. calculated based on the place of residence, income, nature of spending. For all categories, “Fire” turned out to be the most profitable. So a resident of Moscow with an annual income of 1.2 million rubles. and 70% of spending on the card, fully using the benefits of the Fire subscription, you can save up to 3576 rubles. per month.

– excerpt from research

▪️ The first place in obesity (offline + online) was taken by the SberPrime+ subscription, scoring 3.09 points, the Fire subscription was in second place with a margin (3.06 points), and Yandex Plus was in second place (2.67 points) . With such a large number of ranges of services online, there are Fire subscriptions (11 of the top 12 most significant)

Rating by feel of services included in subscriptions

Frank RG experts noted that in the February rating, the Fire subscription did not occupy high positions. Due to the fact that the “Network of Partnerships” has significantly expanded the content, they can now take advantageous places. [Frank RG]

Source: Iphones RU

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