A group of Tesla car owners in Norway went on a hunger strike until Elon Musk answers and fixes the problems with their cars.. This seems to be a last resort in response to the fact that the company is allegedly not responsible for the serious failures that they have been experiencing for a long time.

Norway is the country with the highest number of Tesla vehicles per capita in the world and an important market for the company as it is usually a feasibility study for a country implementing electric mobility at a general level. But the company’s business model, in which they take care of 100% of the value chain of their products, including aftermarket car repairs, seems to be starting to affect their overall customer satisfaction.

This is usually a disease that affects many companies that are in a stage of very rapid growth. In Tesla’s case, it doesn’t look like they’ve managed to completely solve this problem after many months of working on it.

Among other things, Norwegian Tesla owners are complaining about issues including Tesla won’t start or doors won’t open in very cold weather, noises, loose seats, rainwater seeping into the trunk, issues with autopilot, slow car internet connection. , “old bed”. suspension sounds.

Some are more serious, such as issues with an on-board computer that stops working, windows that don’t close completely, charging issues, reduced power, oxidation issues in new cars, and maximum battery life is less than what Tesla claims.

There are also complaints about the unsatisfactory solution of problems when delivering cars to the official Tesla service. Broken promises or long phone calls for a response from Tesla.

All cars have problems, but we look at Tesla through a magnifying glass

Obviously, not all problems affect all owners. It is understood that any product that is mass-produced at high levels, such as a car, may have production problems after delivery. Tesla is constantly in the spotlight for moving towards electric mobility.. Therefore, it is inevitable that any flaw, no matter how big or small it may seem, attracts much more attention than other brands.

But hunger strikes are serious business. Hunger strike by Norwegian owners, especially as it is one of the first countries to fully introduce electric vehicles. Therefore, this may be a sign of more serious problems that may arise later in other countries.

We also cannot ignore the fact that the number of Tesla quality complaints has increased over the past year. Problems with doors that do not fully close, in Tesla Model S Plaid which costs $120,000. Photos of worn steering wheels with a mileage of hardly 20,000 kilometers are becoming more common. And there is no excuse for this.

Tesla does not have a public relations department, so the company’s official response to the hunger strike can only come from Elon Musk, the sole representative of the company. The CEO is quite active on Twitter and may take note of the outcry. But from there, to be resolved, and to actually take the necessary steps to mitigate this reputational hell, is another matter.

Source: Hiper Textual

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