It turned out that 30.24% of those surveyed were not aware of the existence of a feature on iOS like Handoff that allows you to start working on a device and then switch to another device and continue working from the same place. It also turned out that 9.80% of users first learned that they could turn off application notifications from the settings menu.

Ignorance of information about functions also affected the Safari browser: 19.09% of iPhone and Mac owners did not know before the survey that they could add functionality to a branded browser through extensions.

iOS 15 first introduced the ability to combine notifications into a summary and display them for a specified period of time. 15.20% of the participants did not know this function. It turns out that the “Application Limits” feature, which allows you to set time limits for applications, is also not familiar to everyone – 25.68% of Apple gadget owners have not heard of it.

Source: Ferra

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