Since the beginning of the year, the number of fraudulent websites under famous brands has increased by 579% year-on-year. The attackers use more than 2,100 brands of companies in the online retail, telecommunications, services, banking, etc. At the end of last year, there were only 120 of them.

Fraudsters began to actively speculate on outgoing brand names

Monthly user losses from such fraud in the Group-IB world were estimated at $80 million (5.9 billion rubles), not mentioning Russia, writes Kommersant.

Most of these sites are associated with fake raffles for valuable prizes on behalf of well-known companies. Fraudsters are also taking advantage of foreign brands that have recently been announced to leave the Russian market.

For example, the schemes may be associated with fake virtual payment cards on the AppStore and PlayStation Store or the purchase of access to Spotify Premium, Pornhub and products such as IKEA.

“The most widespread case is the sites that offer to buy paper, especially during the period when there were interruptions in the supply of goods. Basically, such fraud is targeting small and medium-sized businesses,” said Alexei Gorelkin, CEO of Fishman.

It is difficult to name the exact amount of stolen funds, as many Russians are silent about it or do not know where to turn for help.

Experts are sure that the demand for products from brands that have left Russia will stabilize, and citizens will learn to distinguish new suppliers from fraudsters. To do this, sellers must sell products through established marketplaces and not open new platforms.


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Source: RB

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