An internal report that you had access to edge, suggests that Meta will be looking into the possibility of having certain payment options in its stellar apps. In this manner, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will face their first payment models seriously, presumably in line with the freemium model, its history.

The project, conceived by the Meta monetization space, will look for new forms and viable ways to make money for Zuckerberg’s company. A process that, in any case, is still far from becoming a reality. The quintessential social network maintains that its ad-driven business model remains at the forefront of the company’s strategy. These models, which, despite everything, are already on the table, they will focus on finding a viable solution to a hypothetical scenario in which the model fails. And the fact is that Meta has a history with this situation.

Fueled almost entirely by the benefits of advertising in the millions, the sector has fallen over the past few months. In addition to the changes iOS has made to its Apple platform. Something that cost the social network $10 billion. Already in the presentation of the results for this year, the company showed a decrease in income by 36%. It is expected that the situation will not improve by the next presentations. Not by the number of users. In an environment where technology flows into revenue and users, the idea of ​​putting up payment barriers doesn’t seem too suggestive. At least solve the issue with the number of metaservice subscribers.

In any case, it is not known what Meta wants to do to implement payment models on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. They point to the fact that, if necessary, it will be beneficial for the operation of the technology company. At the moment, everything indicates that this will not be a short-term change. Not in the medium term. Millions of users of various social networking services will continue to support the free use and advertising model, which Facebook wants it to remain its income bastion. And while there are certainly payment models in some Meta options – some groups, WhatsApp corporate chats, or content creators charging for subscriptions are secondary systems.

In general, while payment options may be an important point in the distribution of income, this is not expected in the next 5 years. Although the state of competition may contribute to Facebook’s decision. TikTok, Twitter, or Telegram have been working on these models for some time now, and apparently with success, pointing to the future of paid social networks.

Source: Hiper Textual

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