A sleep right is what allows us to have a healthy functioning of the body. We spend a third of our lives sleeping, but there are many factors that influence sleep. More than 12 million Italians suffer from sleep disorders. The worst affected are women (60%), while children and young people (20%).

These disruptions appear to have doubled since the pandemic. The quality of our sleep is very important. Essential comfortable environmentbut also a good evening routine before going to sleep. The choice of the mattress it is important and also to avoid overly heavy meals. However, one element that we often overlook is the To kiss which performs the function of keeping the neck aligned with the rest of the spine.

If you don’t sleep well, lack of rest causes negative effects such as daytime sleepiness, headaches or back pain. Healthy and complete sleep leads to physical and mental well-being. Not sleeping well can cause changes metabolism related toobesity. In addition, there is also a greater risk of diabetes mellitus type 2.

The choice of pillow is very complicated, it is necessary to understand the rest needs of people. We present each client with a questionnaire that analyzes preferences, sleeping habits and their physical characteristics, such as height, size of the collarbone and neck. Then we’ll send a video tutorial explaining how to take these measurements. Once the answers to the questionnaire are received, a developer will speak to the person to follow them along the journey. It is a process aimed at making the client more aware of their sleep needs. Then there is the development phase, which lasts three to four weeks. We also send him video tutorials on how to position the pillow, because it seems trivial, but it isn’t. So let’s try to find out if they are using it well. A pillow tailored to the individual’s needs, using high-quality products such as internal memory gold liners, which eliminate pressure points around the neck and head, and 100% pure linen pillowcases, which allow the pillow to breathe. better and healthier.

Samantha Chichi founder of Nightingold

The quality of the pillow is characterized by: materials what it is made of. If you wake up several times during the night in your sleep, it means that you need to change the position or that of the pillow.

Source: Lega Nerd

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