Last Wednesday (31), Google announced another innovation for the period. elections 2022. This time the company announced the feature”how to vote” in the search engine, Brazilians can ask questions about how to vote, how to use electronic voting machines, among other topics..

The functionality was created in partnership with the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE). and will answer all relevant questions such as location addresses, time and order of voting, required documents, among other most common questions. The source will also provide tabs with news about the elections, explainer videos from the TSE and information about the ballot boxes.

“This year, the experience gained more content and links to guide voters through actions such as downloading the e-Tìtulo app, finding a polling place on the TSE website, and asking questions directly through the Electoral Court’s official messaging service,” he said. official note.

Google in the 2022 Elections

As of this Thursday (1), Political Ads Transparency Report will go into effect to verify advertisers wishing to run election ads – the policy was implemented at the federal level in November 2021. Google Trends Report Elections 2022 presents information on Brazilian research on the subject.

About two weeks ago the company also Central Google Trends – 2022 ElectionsA tool that offers real-time data on presidential candidates and political parties – the data was important for providing information during the initial presidential debate. Band TV.

In partnership with journalist Patricia Campos Mello, Folha de S. Paulo and ITS Rio, Google empowering quality content production and knowledge control. By the way, Evidence Project It will be responsible for fact-checking through an app called Comprova for Android and iOS.

HE Choice Control Nucleus Program He trained more than 60 journalists and 31 Brazilian organizations on information control. Google also released a series of videos on the subject with the “Know the Game” campaign.

In 2022, the company announced its support to six government organizations (NGOs) focused on increasing diversity among parliamentarians and Chief Executives – R$1.5 million in donations to NGOs.

Source: Tec Mundo

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