Series Rings of Power Prime Video makes it clear that the fantasy genre is experiencing one of the best moments of its existence. In particular, finding streaming is the perfect place to showcase your strongest and most amazing sides. The production reproduces on a monumental scale the world invented by J. R. R. Tolkien.. But it also does something else. It shows how catalogs of streaming services are ideal for new projects related to science fiction films.

Undoubtedly, the recreation of Middle-earth has left the door open for other experiences of a similar magnitude. From the new adaptation of the saga of Percy Jackson on Disney+, before a possible return to the magical world of Rowling via HBO Max. The desire of various platforms to create an experience similar to Amazon Prime is obvious. But they also demonstrate something more important. The most unusual universes are back in all their splendor.

Of course, this is not a random occurrence. Fantasy is one of the audience’s favorite genres. A taste acquired from generation to generation that has become part of a great cinematic tradition. Now streaming reflects it in all its features and elements of its greatest power. Productions that explore magical, incredible and amazing worlds will always be preferred by audiences.

we leave you five fantastic movies you can watch right now on various streaming platforms. All of them have become favorites of generations of fans. A journey through endearing stories and in particular what else is there to say about a type of cinema that never fails to spark interest.

The Chronicles of Narnia

The saga of the writer C. S. Lewis is one of the most respected and beloved in the literary world. The heptalogy, which tells about four brothers in an unusual world, is part of the childhood of many readers. Especially when each of the books tells a different aspect of the fictional Narnia, a fantasy kingdom that can be accessed through a curious magical wardrobe.

But despite the historical significance of the book set, its film version was not as successful. Actually, Of the seven original stories, only three made it to the big screen. Lion, spark plug and wardrobe It was released in 2005 to relative success with the public and critics. However, its consequences Prince Caspian since 2008 and Voyage of the Dawn Treader 2010 were not particularly relevant.

Overall, these fantasy films are a thorough and moving celebration of the narratives from which they spring. Especially, Lion, spark plug and wardrobe is a broad and detailed look at the curious world imagined by Lewis. Through its combination of Catholic and mythological symbols, the film came to cinema as an emotional journey through innocence. In addition, it saves the essence of the story, which is often compared to larger universes with Lord of the Rings. With its understated brilliance and charming group of protagonists, the first chapter of this unfinished saga is an emotional experience well worth saving.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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In 2010, director Chris Columbus directed the first of two adaptations of writer Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson saga. It was a project that went through various adaptation and production difficulties before reaching theaters. Especially since the story of a demigod in our time should be an open door for a profitable franchise. with the saga Harry Potter turned into the highest point of fantastic cinema, the Percy Jackson story seemed like a natural progression.

In particular, because both universes have several points in common. Percy Jackson was an ordinary boy until he discovered that he was the son of the god Neptune. This puts you in a curious position as you discover a world where ancient mythological legends come to life. The saga spans 32 books out of seven main ones. In general, it covers all kinds of stories in which fantasy and main mythological narratives of various cultures. So it seemed like a natural decision to replace the young wizard at Hogwarts.

Only it didn’t happen. The film Columbus departed from the original text and, in fact, the writer distanced himself from the adaptation, which he criticized as “inaccurate”. As if that wasn’t enough, the fantasy film was a combination of cliches and bizarre plot choices that made it a critical failure. Nonetheless, the production managed to show some of the most interesting moments of the original plot and was relatively successful with fans. So much so that a sequel was released Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters in 2013.

Harry Potter series

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One of the most important film franchises is also a good example of how to properly adapt the literary world. Not reaching the epic air One Ring Trilogy Peter Jackson, the Harry Potter saga is a tribute to the original story. One who managed to survive the critical point of maturity of his central composition and who respected the universe from which he comes with property.

The story of a wizard boy who discovers he is about to fulfill a sinister fate began in 2001 thanks to Chris Columbus. Success Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone It was immediate and I assure its consequences. In fact, Warner Bros., working closely with J.K. Rowling, achieved what seemed unthinkable. The film adaptation of seven books in a decade was a massive project that required all the resources of the studio. But the outcome of this saga of fantasy films was formidable. The saga has maintained its spirit despite changing directors, a darker tone, and even various production and budget issues.

Becoming a phenomenon that gathers fans of all ages is still considered an inspirational look at a complex world. It was not an easy task. The franchise had to adapt Rowling’s texts almost in parallel with their publication. Especially the last volumes whose success in bookstores coincided with the early production of his film versions.. The uniqueness of the phenomenon has led to high expectations associated with feature films. Also from careful research to a world that has grown stronger and more mature from book to book. Fantasy films also grew with audiences and even reflected their maturation in cute and impactful ways.

Like J. R. R. Tolkien’s work, Rowling’s work shares the rare honor of ending its run in cinema as well as it began. To the premiere in 2011 of the second part Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsThe franchise has been successful on all levels. And also a demonstration of the inexhaustible rise of fantasy in the cinematic world.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

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In 2010, director John Terteltaub took on an interesting production. fantasy movie The Sorcerer’s Apprentice It will be an adaptation of the poem of the same name by the composer Paul Duke, known for its esoteric background. As if that wasn’t enough, the plot included elements from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s 1797 ballad.

In general, the story will follow the adventures of a man trying to reclaim his past with the help of magic. Also, an anti-hero who will face the mythical wizard Merlin, Fairy Morgana and various powerful creatures. And all this in the midst of time and space travel and, of course, with an apprentice who will try to help in such an adventure. The epic required a person capable of solving an exceptional problem.

Actor Nicolas Cage has been cast as Balthazar Blake, a shadowy figure who will face the dark side of magic. But at the same time, he will become a full-fledged hero. A formula that seemed to guarantee success.

It just didn’t work out. With the wrong hyphen the film has become a set of clichés. Much worse, in an extravagant experiment that, despite its good intentions, has baffled critics and the public. The film, which failed at the box office, disappointed those who were waiting for the start of a great fantasy saga. Despite this, the film has a kind of project with a peculiar sense of the strange that deserves a review. Or at least become the best option for a pleasant pastime with a fantasy film

Willow in the Land of Enchantment

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The 1988 classic with Ron Howard and George Lucas as producers is a nostalgic piece. Moreover, it still captivates the most persistent fans of high fantasy. The story of the evil Queen Bavmorda (Jean Marche) as she tries to stop a doomed prophecy from coming true is more than just an epic narrative. It is also a journey to the highest points of the genre and the perception of goodness in an extraordinary environment.

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Willow in the Land of Enchantment it’s a clever and well-constructed detour of all the genre’s traditional clichés. From the idea of ​​magic as an element that meets the intentions of the one who performs it, to the great predestined feats. Nothing is missing on this journey through this fantastic film. Much more so when the plot focuses on the emotions and fighting spirit of the lovable characters.

The fantasy film was a hit and a timeless gem. It will now return as a limited series from the hands of Disney+.

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