The host of the PRO Hi-Tech YouTube channel has tested the A380 video card while working in various tests and games. In addition to the graphics card, the tested PC build included a Core i5-12600K processor and 8GB of RAM. The expert also compared Intel’s new product with the GTX 1650 graphics accelerator.

The A380’s chip and memory temperatures were 52 degrees Celsius at the time of testing. As for the power consumption, it was about 36 watts. You can see all the results below.

After overclocking, the Intel A380 graphics card performs much better than the stock one. At the same time, in almost all projects, the GTX 1650 bypasses the innovation. And this happens at 1080p on both low and medium graphics settings. But in Cyberpunk 2077, the overclocked A380 manages to take the lead in terms of average framerate: 51fps versus 42fps for the GTX 1650. The situation is similar in Doom Eternal. All measurements can be found below.

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The GTX 1650 graphics card from the work programs in Da Vinchi Resolve 17 is way ahead of Intel’s new product. We see the same thing in the Compass 3D comparison. But at Luxmark, the Intel A380 graphics accelerator is the leader, especially when overclocked.

Based on the test results, it turned out that the A380 graphics card performs very poorly in many running programs and games. Both with and without overclocking.

computer configuration:

  • Processor Intel Core i5-12400F;
  • video card Intel A380/GTX 1650;
  • motherboard Gigabyte B660M Gaming DDR4;
  • SSD A-Data Gammix S5 AGAMMIXS5-256GT-C 256GB.
  • data store A-Data AD4U32008G22-SGN DDR4 8GB;
  • power unit Thermaltake TR2S 150W.

Source: Ferra

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