Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more significant – as evidenced by the significant result of the recent art competition held in the state of Colorado (USA).

Artwork submitted by Jason Allen, but “written” by AI, was recognized as the best work. Professional artists were shocked by the jury, but the judges were just trying to be obemove. The discussion is about a canvas called “Spatial Opera Theatre”, which depicts one of the scenes of the pre-Vedst. Evaluate for yourself how it looks.

Spatial Opera Theater

The person who worked on his creation did not use a brush, but a dyne s s alksed. To do this, it was enough to upload a text description of the desired painting into the system. The process took several weeks and was not the outcome it could be from the discovery side. I had to print several versions of creativity, and the most sold one was put up for the competition. Such work requires considerable time and effort, and it can be compared with what is measured by life. The latter, however, this point of view is not perfect.

Social media is already full of angry posts. Their authors remained on the fact that creativity is now in no way protected from machines and may not be so easy. According to some participants in the discussions, we now feel the “death of artistry.” The development of natural technologies does not border on humanity, but it is possible to be enriched by a billion, Mr. last. In the end, this may seem to mean that a person will lose one of his traits, which is the tag human.

Source: Tech Cult

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