WhatsApp will improve its sending system with a very interesting innovation

Lately What’s up? is launching all kinds of improvements to increase the functionality of its service. We recently told you about the improvement in response, and now a very interesting innovation has been discovered and may be coming very soon.

through this instant messaging platform We can send any file, photo or video up to 2 GB, A very useful feature, especially with the desktop version.

But there is a difference when sending audio or video relative to a file. We talked about the possibility of adding an explanation. Now, as WaBetaInfo colleagues reported, WhatsApp will allow you to add this description when you send a file.

It will be easier to find your sent files on WhatsApp

New WhatsApp interface for sending files

enlarge photo

New WhatsApp interface for sending files WaBetaInfo

this innovation It will make our job much easier in many ways.. For example, you can now use the search engine to find documents sent via the text you enter.

Latter, the person receiving the file will be able to learn more easily what exactly the file is. Through the image they published from WaBetaInfo, we can see how this option will work to annotate files sent by WhatsApp and will have the same system when sending a photo or video.

Best of all, we can add a small description as well as edit the post with different tools. In the example they gave, we see a PDF document with the number of pages, a detail to consider.

Undoubtedly, this is great news for platform users, as very soon it will be possible to send any file with a description. Moreover, Depending on the type of document sent, additional data such as the number of pages will appear.

When will this new feature come to WhatsApp?

We will have to arm ourselves with patience as there is currently a leak and we do not know the update date of WhatsApp to receive this new functionality. The image looks completely real and the source of the leak is extremely reliable, so it’s a fact that we can annotate when sending files through this platform. However, you will need to have some patience.

Remember there is an update WhatsApp Beta will come to its users with full security in the first placeso if you want to try this and other functions before other users, we invite you to upgrade to this version which is less stable but with all new features that will reach other users.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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