Japan is a country of technological contrasts, where the latest achievements in the field of microelectronics and robotics coexist with deep “old times” – for example, floppy disks and fax machines. In this meeting, the Minister of Digital Technologies of Japan Taro Kano on his page t t bya.

Oddly enough, in Japan there are still about 2000 procedures (in particular, filing all kinds of claims) that require floppy disks, CDs and mini-disks. At the same time, a whole generation of Japanese has already grown up, unremarkable ideas of what it is and kayagas about. This obsolete age was replaced by the presence of an online statement.

US government agencies also faced similar problems, they were officially registered in floppy disks only three years ago, after which a transition was made to “highly secure solid-state digital storage solutions.”

However, Taro Kano does not intend to stop there. Sediy, whom he collects cle ” apparatus.

Source: Tech Cult

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