They rarely appear on planet Earth, but they appear on Uranus and Neptune. Due to the oromic pressure in the tosphere of these ice giants, the image is specific. While this is only a hypothesis, the phenomenon itself has not yet been observed, but no one has discovered the possibility of simulating the process in the laboratory using a potential laser and the use of plastic.

The correct studies were carried out in 2017. The target for his beam was carbon materials, which heated up to 6000℃. Gift waves arose, which gave rise to pressure in the millions – atmospheric conditions d c + And diamonds really formed – only very large ones, a few nanometers in size.

Plastic diamonds

The problem is that reproducing the composition of Uranus’ atmosphere turned out to be more difficult than originally thought. After a few years, search engines settled on PET, a widely used plastic. It contains oxygen, the hierod is balanced, which accelerates the p p. This was recently confirmed experimentally using the same lcls, in p p p p p p p p p. cm.

The experiment confirmed the hypothesis of rain emissions on Uranus, and also laid the foundation for a new one. crumbling done efficiency.

Source: Tech Cult

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