Whenever everyone becomes more ecologically aware, it’s a fundamental thing, because the planet is almost at the point of no return. Everyone does their best and a new function Google Maps It’s designed just for that and also to save you money. Sounds really good, right? Well, we tell you what it is.

The new function implemented by the North American firm in many countries, including Spain, is called. ecological ways and another option that arises when creating a destination in the application and choosing between the possibilities that development offers to the user. To give an example, there is the fastest one, and there is another one, which is now estimated to be more environmentally friendly as it consumes less gasoline.

In this way, if the above do not match, you will be able to choose among them according to your needs: come as soon as possible or spend the least fuel. The latter obviously emits less carbon into the atmosphere – a major issue because according to the latest published reports we are talking about the biggest cause of this type of pollution in Europe.

How does this new option work in Google Maps?

Well, simplicity is the dominant note, because the usual steps to take when creating a route in the app. After entering the destination, you will find an option that directs you to specify the engine type of the vehicle you will be traveling to, while choosing from the available options. Options gasoline, diesel, electric and even hybrid.

Fuel savings in the Google Maps app


Once this information has been generated, it will be among the route options shown on the next Google Maps screen, which are estimated to need the least fuel (not necessarily the fastest, not necessarily the fastest) to reach the destination. take this into account). if you choose it, A message will appear on the device screen with the savings you will achieve. and then you can start following the prompts. Therefore, there are no complications, because in the Google service everything is quite recognizable.

Distribution in the app

It has already started and has a lot of presence, especially in the trial version available on Google Maps, which you can find on the company’s official store for Android. It is perfectly translated and integration complete, so you just need to get this improvement and start saving gas. Of course, it may take some time for the application to appear in the stable option – since the use of ecological paths must be enabled from the server. But this takes a few days at most.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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