The income of the self-employed for the provision of services to companies fell by 30%. Over the past six months, the average income of a self-employed worker from such activities has dropped to 33 thousand rubles per month. Analysts explained the fall by the optimization of business processes in companies.

The income of the self-employed by business falls by 30%

The statistical data was transferred to Qugo, a platform to work with freelancers, individual entrepreneurs and individuals under the GPC agreement.

According to analysts, over the past six months, the average monthly income of freelancers providing services to companies decreased by 30% year-on-year, falling from 49 thousand rubles to 33 thousand rubles.

“The decrease in the income of the self-employed from company payments is due to the general economic situation. Against the background of current changes, the interest of companies in optimizing business processes by transferring certain types of work to projects is only growing,” said Igor Znak, CEO of Qugo.

According to Qugo’s own data, the highest paying freelance jobs are:

  1. web development (175 thousand rubles per month for a self-employed person);
  2. freight transport (112 thousand rubles);
  3. legal consulting (89 thousand rubles).

As of February 2022, Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar remain leaders in terms of the number of active freelancers on the platform, Qugo reported.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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