Scientific research shows that cats have an undeserved reputation as cold and aloof pets. The fact is that in the course of evolution, cats became more independent animals than dogs. But at the same time, during domestication, cats developed the ability to form social bonds not only with relatives, but also with humans.

In fact, many cats are affectionate with people and generally very appreciative of them. Cats treat people the same way they treat other cats. Therefore, if you want to understand whether he likes you or not, take a closer look at your cat’s behavior.

  1. watch out for the smell. Cats use scent glands on their sides, on their heads, and around their ears to “mark” members of their social group or family. So if a cat is rubbing its head or side against you, it means it sees you as its friend.

  2. See how the cat greets you. If it raises its tail vertically at the same time, it shows friendly intentions. Also, some cats use their raised, question-marked tails to greet someone they like or to show they want to play.

As a sign of friendship, a cat may wrap its tail around your calf. And if the animal turns on its side and opens its stomach, it means that the cat completely trusts you. He can also literally say hello by meowing or rubbing his head at you.

  1. flashing warning. Cats may blink slowly when looking at other cats with whom they have a good relationship. According to scientific research, such a slow blink can be associated with expressions of trust, satisfaction and love, similar to the human smile.

  2. See how close the cat comes. Cats highly value personal space and do not like it when it is invaded by intruders. So if your cat is curling up on your lap, it means that he has full confidence in you. He also wants to show affection towards you in this way if he starts licking your hands or face.

Source: Ferra

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