In recent years, images have increased in social networks. flork, a sock puppet drawn in paint with a few strokes. The recognizable figure was so popular that it even found its way into birthday cakes. But what is the connection between the two? And why did the meme become so popular?

Starting from the beginning, let’s explain who the flork is and his origin. Although it’s around every corner today, it dates back to 2012 when it was literally translated with simple images called “Flork of cows” or “Flor de vacas” on WordPress websites.

Four years later, the character began posting in webcomics format (web-only comics) on Facebook and Reddit, where he gained a lot of fame.

In its original depictions, the flork had a grotesque and whimsical tone. Users have also used the simplicity of the art to make violent and surreal jokes that would be more difficult to demonstrate with more complex montages.

Also in 2016, the game won official pages on social networks. At this time, it is not known who created the profiles or whether they are the same people who manage the pages.

“Sock Flork characters can be used in memes, fanarts, and other creations as long as they’re non-profit. I totally understand that memes are everywhere and I encourage people to make their own edits and have fun with their friends. But please don’t claim my characters or comics as your own and consult me ​​so more people can read the content.”

And this person is probably rich if he managed to capitalize at least part of the drawing, since the success of the figure is quite large: cow fluff has 185k followers on Facebook; 186,000 Twitter followers and 43,000 Reddit discussion group members.

How did Flork end up on the cakes?

Latin America and especially Brazil are responsible for popularizing the game. From 2020, videos began appearing on the internet of bakers and confectioners producing (usually) a small, round cake with a floral design, amid the pandemic when delivery orders are booming.

Nicknamed bento (a small lunchbox in Japanese to take groceries to work, just like our lunchbox), cakes always come with a joke like “I’ve been angry for 25 years”, “I’ve been complaining ever since” with the birthday boy. 1994”, “A goddess, a madman, a magician”, “18 years old, but at what cost?” and “To be young is to be old, old to be young”. Incorrectly written anecdotes in English, such as “Repi bardei tiu iu” meaning “Happy Birthday”, are also very popular.

Web site Know Your BreastRecording, cataloging and describing the origins of games on the internet, it’s a reminder that TikTok is one of the main channels used to popularize bentô cakes with flork. Next comes Brazil, which has found a way to show off its confectionery business on the social network.

@chef.amandarosa Crazy!!! #bakery #bentokek #bentokek #cake #cake ? sitDONA (Remix) s2 – Davi Kneip & MC Frog & Dj Gabriel do Borel & Luísa Sonza
@brendahellen32 Bento cakes???? #bolo #bento #bentocake #bentocakes #bentô #bentôcake #bentôcakes #foryou #viral #explor #explorer #fyp? #fyp #recipe ? Auction – Gloria Groove
@bolosesalgadosvomaria One memorial after another, how do we deal with that? ???? #bento #bentobox #bentocakes #bentocake #meme #rivotrilfrontalfrontalcomrivotril #rivotrilfrontalparaacalmar ? original sound – Raphael Mattos
@hairtonconfeitaria Decorating another bento cake! #bentocake #bentocakes #bentobox #decoracaodebolos #confeitaria #confeitandocakes ? Include – Anitta
@pastelitoec #lunchboxcake #bentocakes #fy #fyp #foryou #parati #guayaquil #ecuador ? El Avioncito – Giblack & K7 Estudio AB

While Brazilians were very helpful in popularizing both the flork and bento, pastry chefs from countries such as Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico also played a role. You can find people from all these and other countries showing you how to make the cake on #bentocake.

Source: Tec Mundo

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