Aleksey Moiseenkov, founder of Prisma photo editor and Capture community messenger, has launched the LF.Group recruitment platform for gamers in London. Other co-founders include Overgear co-founders Dmitry Beseda and Alexander Karetin, and eStreams founder Stas Kapinus.

The founder of the Prisma photo editor Alexey Moiseenkov launched a recruitment platform for players LF.Group

The startup managed to attract investments in the amount of $1 million from American Grishin Robotics. The money will be used to create new features on the platform, in-game events, VB said.

LF.Group helps gamers and communities find teammates in online games. The platform was created by MMORPG fans who played World of Warcraft.

There are 50,000 registered player profiles on the platform, and more than 200 teams are on the waiting list to bring in newcomers. The company dreams of reaching the 300 million gamers around the world who spend approximately 20 hours a week gaming.


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Source: RB

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