HE YouTube started testing a new player on its platform that can be integrated into training pages and applications for show videos without ads and without advice. The idea is to avoid distractions. course students, course and any educational content.

The innovation comes in beta for testing, so it’s limited to certain markets and partners. The first companies that can test the player with no ads and no advice are EDpuzzle, Purdue University and Global, and Google Classroom itself. The first countries to benefit from this are the United States and South Korea.

Starting next year, platforms will be able to use the player for free or paid content in beta, including YouTube’s ability to continue playing video in the background for paid courses. It has not yet been announced when the news will exit the beta phase.

Google has proposed new tools for creating educational content along with the ad-free player. Also in beta, creators will be able to test the creation of quiz-style questions in the “community” tab on their official YouTube page.

Source: Tec Mundo

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