Apple has allowed iOS 16 users to remove automatically installed security updates.

iOS 16 has a feature Attack responses and system files. Once activated, the system will automatically release security patches when serious vulnerabilities are found.

The whole process will be used in the background, and sometimes even without rebooting the iPhone. If necessary, already installed updates can be removed. Apple does not give an example of a situation where this can happen, but it is likely that such a possibility will be useful to people who study the security of iOS.

How to remove security update in iOS 16

one. open Settings → General → About this results
2. Select an item iOS version
3. Click on the button Remove security update

Installing security updates is enabled by default on all iOS 16 devices. You can disable the feature in the section Settings → General → Auto update. In such cases, all updates are downloaded and received independently.

Source: Iphones RU

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