One of the most anticipated innovations What’s up?, is the arrival of the function that will allow editing sent messages, due to its implications for use. After more than a decade on the market, and since competitors like Telegram are offering this possibility, it doesn’t make much sense not to allow it. The fact is that the firm has already started testing.

To date, all known data regarding this new option in the messaging app has corresponded to the iOS or Android version. And so there is more than one person wondering if there are any that are used with computers. Windows or macOSThere was this possibility. And finally, we have the first effective information that this will happen. This is certainly great news as the number of users doing this is constantly growing.

The interface of this new feature of WhatsApp has appeared

First of all, it should be said that although the known data corresponds to the development running on the currently most used Windows operating system, the tests on these developments are already a reality. Further. Another detail to know is that things are not very advanced as WhatsApp is currently in the trial version. you cannot use this feature: only internal screenshots of how to implement the new feature have been seen.

Editing a message in WhatsApp for Windows


In the previous picture you can see how the interface will be where any type of printing can be performed. And the truth is that the company owned by Meta has not been too busy and has been in search first and foremost. simplicity. Simply, selecting the message to replace is entered into a screen where what is written in a box can be eliminated to correct the current error. What it has to do with multimedia content is currently unknown.

Expected options in this feature

One of the important things is that everything shows that, unlike what happened in the version on Twitter, there will be no limit when making changes in messages. In addition, it remains to be seen whether a history of changes is kept, something that might be important to know what has been edited, and whether there is anything among the changes that could be considered a crime or the like.

It also does not appear that WhatsApp will set a maximum date after which, if exceeded, it will not be possible to change a message in an individual or group chat. But, frankly, all of this will be fully known when the company formalizes this new functionality… something that’s expected to happen. before the end of this year.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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