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The ideal washing machine temperature to leave your clothes clean and save on your energy bill.


It’s a fact that electricity prices in Spain are going through the roof and it doesn’t look like they’re going to drop in the coming months, so the use of light must be increasingly optimized if we want to avoid surprises at the end of the month.

That’s why we’ve come to share with you the consumption levels of the most commonly used temperatures throughout the day, and which one will be the most efficient. it is recommended to wash our clothes and savewithout affecting the quality of washing.

It is a fact that washing machines are perhaps one of the most used household appliances by everyone, they are used on average about 5 times a week and that is why trying to optimize energy use will be essential when it comes to saving.

In this temperature guide, we will start talking about washing at 20º C, where we are told that the use of this temperature 66% savings compared to washing at 40º C (the temperature most used by everyone).


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If we use the washing machine at 30º C, we can save up to 46% savings compared to washing at 40º Cas well as very dirty laundry will come out much cleaner than if we washed it at 20ºC.

In the 40º C configuration most used by all, which It is used to wash any type of material or clothing.and this is configured in most of our washing machine plans by default.

In the case of 50º C we find ideal temperature for cotton, polyester, nylon and viscose blends. But most users prefer to use the above settings for this type of clothing as well.

Then we have 60º C, this temperature suggests cleaning significantly better than washing at 40º Cespecially when cleaning towels, sheets or blankets. Yes, this is a temperature that not all washing machines reach.

And finally, we have 90º C, which is found in modern washing machines and is only used for white clothes and/or linens that have visible stains. With the development of detergents Washing at this temperature is almost not necessary.which absurdly increases the level of electricity consumption.

After we’ve talked about temperatures, we’ll also comment on some of the tips we give you when choosing a washing machine and when using ours.

First, we are trying to get the most certified washing machine. next to mark A, the best in terms of efficiency. the second one will always washexcept for very dirty clothes, at 30º Cbecause it is this temperature that provides the best washing and energy savings of 40%.

third always wash with a fully filled washing machine. It is better to wait until it is full than to wash a little at a time. As a final piece of advice, we have disconnect the washing machine from the wall until we use it as it can help us save even more electricity.

We hope that these tips are relevant to you and will help you save in those moments when it is more than necessary, at least until this situation changes (hopefully).

Source: Computer Hoy

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