This keyboard is perfect for Mac, iPhone and iPad and costs less than 30 Euros

One of Logitech’s most successful peripherals arrives at an insane price.

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Some time ago I was given a keyboard to use with my MacBook Pro. i work away from home for more comfort and saw it on Amazon today for a groundbreaking price. keyboard related Logitech K380, the best-selling In addition to its minimum price of 27 euros (very good condition), it is available in a version. compatible with all systems flow. The price on the Logitech website is currently 58.99 Euros. In the catalog of cheap wireless keyboards, this is without a doubt the best.

we have keys For macOS and Windows. Systems where functions such as Ctrl, Option, Command, Start or Alt are shared have double writing so we never get confused no matter what system we use. Also, it is fully compatible with the rest. Devices with Bluetooth connectivity Such as Android and iPhone mobile phones, tablets, PC and Mac computers or smart TVs. The gray model is the model with the most attractive price, but there are a few left. More nice and according to Apple The white one costs 38 euros (new).

Logitech K380 (2nd hand)

Logitech K380 (new)

Buy a keyboard that is 100% compatible with macOS and iOS for less than 30 euros

logitech k380 white

Logitech is the best peripheral maker available for both macOS and Windows

This is an ultra keyboard compatible with all the systems we found among them. macOS, Windows, Android, Apple TV, iOS, iPadOS, and Chrome OS. Lightweight and compact, just 423 grams weightIt is 27.9 cm wide, 12.4 cm deep and 1.6 cm thick. It works with Bluetooth 3.0, no lag, at least I didn’t notice it until now and you can use it with the TV. up to 10 meters far.

Your battery consists of: two AAA batteries that should be replaced approximately every 18 months (2 ½ years). We can connect up to 3 devices at the same time. In the upper zone we have 3 keys dedicated to each of the connected devices to switch from one to another quickly and easily.

It’s the perfect keyboard to put in the briefcase next to the MacBook Pro.

At first, after working with a large keyboard, including a numeric keypad, using it becomes complicated, but you get used to it in time. above we have media keys and some function/action keys Like Volume, Home, Undo/Back, Multitasking or Menu.

Logitech K380 (new)

Does it have to be all your next travel keyboard or use your keyboard for smart TV and thus better use the cumbersome onscreen keyboard that televisions and their apps have recently integrated. Buying a Mac-compatible keyboard isn’t as expensive as many say.

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