The ants on plants are an advantage and a special opportunity to exploit. A recent study evaluated the possibility of using ants instead of pesticides to control all types of plant pests and aphids. This natural remedy is used all over the world as a healthy future protection for major crops.

A Brazilian study found 52 different cases of pesticide ants used in 17 different types of crops. When the ants are on? right plants they are not interested in leaves or fruits, but only in parasites. So they can act as a natural pesticide without the side effect of actual pesticides. The latter can cause damage to humans and pollinators of plants and, moreover, pollute the soil.

Also, the effectiveness of ants on plants was discovered, better when they are in the shade than when they are in the sun. On plants instead where there is the so-called honeydew (sugar secretion) the ants lose more effectiveness. So in practice they breed them instead of getting rid of the parasites. A way to eat the substance they love. In many cases, ants are even more effective than pesticides. The experiments will give us further confirmation of the effectiveness of the ants in protecting our future crops.

Source: Lega Nerd

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