Professional photographer Austin Mann was one of the first to get the iPhone 14 Pro and immediately tested the capabilities of the cameras.

To do this, he went to Scotland and took a ProRAW photo with a 48-megapixel camera. Mann noted that he really liked the new camera:

I crop 100% of my images. Whether it’s just a few instances of zooming in or shrinking most of the frame, I’ve used shrinking as a tool to balance/direct the viewer’s gaze where I want them to look.

This is a powerful way to view and shoot. I encourage photographers with all cameras to be more creative with downsizing, as this can often boost an average image to the level of a great mouse pixel count.

While shooting in ProRAW, he noticed that most of the images are around 80MB, with the smallest files being only 45MB and the largest being 117MB.

In the conditions of South Australia, the photographer switched from 48 MP to 12 MP. So the camera captured moving objects better.

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro, 12 MP

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro, 48 MP, before cropping

Shot on iPhone 14 Pro, 48 MP, cropped

Mann explained why he preferred 12-megapixel instead of 48 most of the time:

one. 12MP:

2. Taking pictures at 48 MP is slower than at 12 MP. Not critical, but slower than addictive

3. There was no more space in iCloud and in fact the iPhone, and more space was allocated for pictures: “I don’t want to run out of space”

four. Battery life when shooting at 48 MP, feels less than 12 MP

In addition, Mann says that it takes a lot of light to capture video in action mode. So, the regime did not want to work during the daytime at the airport. [9to5]

Source: Iphones RU

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