Despite the change of operation Google Photos When it comes to free storage, the Mountain View company’s app is still very useful. Its wide options for editing multimedia content make it very attractive. The development has an update that is most striking as it affects some of its most used tools today.

The section we are talking about is exactly the section known. memoriesthat allows you to create collages with photos and videos you store on your device or in the cloud. This option, which became official three years ago, has remained pretty much the same to this day. Therefore, it is necessary to appreciate what Google has changed, and also to say that it looks really good in order to provide a better service to users.

Changes coming to Google Photos

One of the most important has to do with the design of the tool, which keeps its functionality intact. An example of what was changed is the size of the file. videos, is now larger when previewed and therefore much more efficient for editing content. Also, there is a small zoom when viewing. Photos, allows you to distinguish much better what you want to choose. In conclusion, we are talking about improvements that greatly support usability.

New collage option in Google Photos


The biggest contribution to the collage-making capabilities of Google Photos, Full Cinematic Memories. With this you can animate still photos that you have, which is positive and not without the ability to add sound. Hence, something similar to what you see in theaters can be created, hence the name. It also comes down to the app stylesAllows you to automatically and very effectively add the different types of graphic art included – some free and owned by famous designers.

The arrival of these new options

Everything we mentioned, you can enjoy it with other new features like the ability to share the creations as a collage or now the final result can be edited from Google Photos to improve options like brightness or contrast. since today. Of course, while the Android version has everything, there are some things that will take longer on iOS, such as the option to share Memories.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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