Eureka is back! for a special event such as the launch of our AstroSamantha on the International Space Station. Follow this extraordinary event from 9.30am on Lega Nerd’s twitch and youtube channels.

Undoubtedly, Samantha Cristoforetti is our pride in science and space and therefore for this special occasion Lega Nerd’s LIVE format is back Eureka! dedicated to science After several delays, the departure will be scheduled for Wednesday 27 April at 09:52. Samantha Cristoforetti will face a new space journey to the International Space Station There mission takes place under the auspices of SpaceX. To put it together, the commander Kjell Lindgrenthe pilot Robert Hinesthe specialist Jessica Watkins (all three Americans) and, in fact, our Cristoforetti.

Follow the launch of AstroSamantha LIVE on Lega Nerd’s Twitch and YouTube channels from 9:30am.

Live on Eureka! an exceptional round table consisting of Antonio Moro journalist and founder of Lega Nerd, astrophysicist and science popularizer Luca Perric and the Aerospace Engineer for ESA Alberto Grazian providing live commentary on all operations on the launch pad.

Follow LIVE on the Lega Nerd YouTube Channel

Follow LIVE on the Lega Nerd Twitch Channel

Source: Lega Nerd

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