The YouTube video platform is ready to launch ways to monetize video. shortsshort-lived vertically shot clip model implemented two years ago.

The idea is that Shorts make money from the beginning of 2023, without a fixed date for the application. In addition, it is not yet known whether the measure will apply to all regions from the beginning.

Tests on ads on the platform have been going on for several months. For now, YouTube has not officially confirmed the information.

What will monetization look like on Shorts?

According to the newspaper New York Timespayment system will be made by the same Affiliate Program So the content creator of traditional channels must meet certain prerequisites and comply with company policies.

Those who are not part of partnerships will be able to monetize videos in other ways as follows. advertisements closed from outside, subscription and product sales through the membership program.

Regarding values, there will be a certain change in the percentage of money produced: In the case of shorts, 55% stay on YouTube and 45% go to the creator, in traditional videos, these numbers are reversed. This is because royalties will be paid to artists and musicians, a factor that allows the use of the most diverse sounds in Shorts.

Also, here the number will only be based on views, not on watch time or audience retention, for example.

good fight

The main purpose of YouTube is to introduce various forms of monetization to users. rival TikTok — a much more popular service, but one that doesn’t offer much support or alternatives in terms of monetizing the service.

Despite receiving a lot of criticism, this modality, which has achieved success in a short time, already has a limited use such as pay per click and view, and the use of tips. In Brazil, Shorts only started operating in 2021.

Source: Tec Mundo

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