The largest Xiaomi smart TV for sale temporarily drops 630 euros

QLED technology reaches the Chinese manufacturer’s televisions in a huge format.

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If you want to surprise yourself or your guests every time you turn on the television, this huge Xiaomi television will achieve your goal. It’s like setting up a great quality cinema, with only one device in each. amazing picture and sound You look where you look at them. It fell today 1,599 969 Euros at MediaMarkt.

The price is the lowest we’ve ever seen.Well, today we have 1,199 euros on the official Xiaomi website and 1,043 euros on Amazon. This is the cheapest way to get high quality video and sound system and having Android TV in your living room to do tricks with it.

Xiaomi TV Q1 (75 inch)

Buy Xiaomi’s biggest TV at a great discount

Xiaomi TV Q1 75

Xiaomi’s biggest smart TV comes with Samsung’s QLED technology

With this television you will be able to see the following. best possible picture and sound quality All premieres of platforms like Apple TV+, Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +, among others. Also thanks for having Integrated Android TV 10You can take advantage of all the apps and games available in the Google store. They 32GB internal memory It will be impossible to fill, I assure you.

It is the highest quality television from the Chinese manufacturer. four metal frames and one base similar to those of high-end LG OLED. You will be able to hang it because of its weight. only 31.1kg and for this you will need a 400 x 300 mm VESA mount. It will require a cabinet that is 75 inches, 167 cm wide, 103 cm high and at least 37 cm deep. If you’re going to hang it, just know that the thickness of the TV is almost 8 cm at its thickest point.

QLED technology and Android TV come together for the first time in this Xiaomi TV.

we are a 75 inch 10-bit panel with (190.5 cm diameter) Compatible with all content recorded in 4K resolution and HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Xiaomi’s television catalog is expanding every day, but none of them can compare with this model, it is the best of its production. we have one 120Hz refresh rate and 2GB RAM this will allow any content projected onto it to flow. Additionally, the 4-core MediaTek MT9611 processor works like no other in all of Xiaomi’s televisions.

No need to install an external sound system, you can, but with the speakers it integrates, you just need to feel the feeling of being in the cinema. owner 2 speakers consisting of 4 woofers and 2 tweeters this will make the bass more than resonant and the treble will be heard much clearer than other televisions in this price range.

Xiaomi TV Q1 (75 inch)

This TV 1.07 billion colors accurate and with the purest tone possible. Its brightness goes up to a maximum of 1,000 nits, which is a very noticeable increase over the competition. this bluetooth remote control Made by Xiaomi has all the hotkeys (Netflix and Prime Video) and numeric keyboard a microphone with which you can communicate as well as any TV Google Assistant.

It is ready to be connected to any external device with the connection section: WiFi 5, Bluetooth 5.0, 3 HDMI, 2 USB, composite video, digital optical output, 3.5mm Jack port and RJ45 Ethernet network input. You can connect your TV to the internet via cable, have a Blu-ray player via HDMI or an external SSD with multimedia content connected to the USB port.

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