Buy or rent a company’s computer or mobility equipment. This is the current dilemma of any small business startup. Powerful computers are needed, but as a good start you need to optimize resources and buy them without further ado… It doesn’t sound very good in balance sheets or financial analysis. In the end, it’s about choosing between Capex (spending everything at once) or Opex. (spend in fixed monthly installments) and subtract from normal balance sheets. Choosing one of these leases gives us much more flexibility from the economic point of view of the company, so much of this investment that must be made at once can be used for other aspects of this economy. .

Beyond tax considerations and depreciation of the investment, it seems clear that there will always be a better decision. invest money little by little more than once, especially if we receive the same services.

evolutionary lease

In this new segment of acquiring computers or smartphones, a term called Evolutionary Renting was born. In the last financial year, this market has grown by more than 25% among the self-employed, SMEs and large companies. This is confirmed by Iberent, one of the companies specializing in this modality and dealing with it for over 15 years.

The sector that increased its participation and interest the most was the education sector, with a ratio exceeding 20%. Face-to-face and remote teleworking and hybrid work have significantly increased the acquisition of electronic devices. Many training centers and organizations or companies have had to adapt to the new reality by meeting these investments with solutions like Iberent’s. Precisely because of the great flexibility that leasing provides, it makes sense that Spain’s core region is driving year-over-year growth, reaching growth levels of 113%. Something that could have a simple explanation in the Covid pandemic and above all in the new work and work philosophy imposed to live with it.

Wearable technology, the most demanded

The preferred devices are undoubtedly smartphones, laptops and tabletsAfter all, they are the most used in the business environment.

In this way, company employees are always access to the latest technology and without having to invest heavily in the latest models every two or three years. Financially the key factor. As a result, the fleet is renewed more regularly and employees can be more productive by always having the latest vehicles. At the same time, we cannot forget another main advantage of removing those acquisitions that normally enter balance sheets, as we said at the beginning.

However, these devices are not only the preferred and most attractive when renting a rental, but there are more solutions companies can include in these plans. for example LED displays for any business that allows these companies to refresh their visual appearance and also improve communication at the point of sale and everything visual about it in general. Automated cash drawers are also becoming one of the most attractive products in equipment procurement through rental.

Beyond traditional finance

One of the evolutionary rental solutions more balanced and close business ecosystemBearing in mind that during the lifetime of the equipment, they are subject to personalized processing from the first day to the last day of the signed contract.

In this way, companies always feel supported not only when contracting a leasing plan, but also that access to technology is always as flexible and operational as possible, so improve results and productivity.

In this regard, Iberent’s Martinez Director of Sales and Marketing tells us: “Technical rental is becoming the “healthy slavery” of technology”, “Companies and users today are accustomed to paying for a subscription to a service like Netflix, Spotify.”” so that the use of these comfortable quotas, “You have an iPhone today and renew it every 14 months thanks to Iberent’s BeOne, which pays a monthly fee and has the latest technology to be more efficient”.

The idea is therefore the use of mobile phones, tablets or PCs. another month’s expense A new financial-technological paradigm where solutions like Iberent allow to stay current while avoiding a large initial outlay.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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