Russian stores replenished warehouses with PlayStation 5 consoles. According to RBC, at the end of August there was a large supply of these devices through parallel imports, but now there is no accelerated demand for them.

Russian retailers replenish stocks of PlayStation 5 consoles

Officially, information about new deliveries was confirmed to publication by Citilink and M.Video-Eldorado. Now the prefix is ​​”free access”, that is, without special pre-order systems.

  • The PlayStation 5 was unveiled at Sony’s June 2020 conference and released worldwide in November of that year. The prefix is ​​sold with and without a unit (in this case, users buy games online). The cost of the decoder without the drive was $399.
  • PlayStation 5 was in short supply due to logistical difficulties amid the pandemic: Sony was unable to meet the demand. In Russia, the prefix did not go on sale for many months after the presentation – limited batches were distributed on pre-orders.
  • Following the start of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine, Sony announced the complete cessation of the supply of PlayStation consoles to Russia.
  • In May, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce published a list of products allowed to import under parallel imports, the list included goods and materials of about a hundred foreign brands, including Sony.

Even if there are significant volumes of consoles in retailers’ warehouses, “they are unlikely to be in high demand at the prices offered,” says Anton Fomin, trade analyst at Marvel Distribution.

You can buy a PlayStation 5 in Citylink from 69.9 thousand rubles, in DNS – from 64.9 thousand rubles, in M.Video-Eldorado and Svyaznoy – from 72.9 thousand rubles.

At the beginning of sales in Russia, set-top boxes were sold for 36.99 thousand and 45.99 thousand rubles for the version without a drive and with it, respectively, from April 1, 2021, prices increased to 40.99 thousand and 49.99 thousand rubles.


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Source: RB

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