Last Wednesday (21), Tinder announced the launch of the “Desata Match” initiative, an event to help singles with dating tips From different personalities like Thaynara OG, Rebecca and Karol Conká. Also, the brand will give users fragrance kits and Tinder Gold coupons.

The quintessential kit was produced in partnership with the Ver-o-Peso herbalists association – there are nine options created by renowned herbalists such as Loirinha and Beth Cheirosinha. However, when ordering kits, singles are given three essences.

Users will also receive a Tinder Gold coupon to try out premium features for a month, but the kit is only available until September 24. Interested singles should apply to the campaign’s official website.

“Tinder knows how stressful dating can be: you need to reveal yourself, show your personality, start a conversation and look for a connection. That’s why we created ‘Unmatch’ to give our members a little chance on this journey full of possibilities,” she said. José Rodrigues, head of marketing for Tinder Brazil.

Check out some Tinder tips for singles

Check Your Profile: You don’t have to be famous to have a verified profile on Tinder! Anyone can add the blue icon to their profile by doing photo verification. More than a third of active Tinder members have verified photos, making Tinder members more popular on the app. Verified photo members tend to get more matches.

An image can say a lot:

  • Update your photos and prioritize the newest;
  • Make your profile more dynamic by adding a loop (a 2-second looping video) Share your hobbies, interests, favorite places and even pets in your photos;
  • Avoid group photos – people want to know YOU when they look at your profile.

Let your personality shine:

  • Write something in your bio. There’s a lot to talk about even in a few words, like your favorite TV shows, reasons you’re involved, or just saying what you’re looking for in the app;
  • Use the Interests tool on your profile so potential matches can learn more about you. This makes it easy to start a conversation with something you really define;
  • Share your favorite Spotify music on your profile.

Source: Tec Mundo

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