One of the major novelties of iOS 16 is being shamelessly copied by Samsung, which recently launched the third beta of One UI 5, its customization layer that will run under Android 13. The South Korean company, in particular, is adapting a design identical to Apple’s in the lock screen customization area.

As the account shows @TheAppleDesign In a tweet on lock screen customization feature in One UI 5 includes the ability to edit the appearance of the watch. Also add original informative widgets or shortcuts to various system applications. These are actually two options that are also present in iOS 16.

Samsung also offers a very similar interface with an area at the bottom of the screen where you can choose the font or primary colors for various elements on the screen. Also with a menu with applications compatible with lock screen widgets.

Samsung, however, has included some additional features such as the ability to change the size of the clock directly from the screen. However, the inspiration behind iOS 16 is extremely clear. We must keep in mind, yes, that this is a beta version. Therefore, the appearance of the interface may change in future versions. On the other hand, it’s not clear if Samsung copied another important feature of the new version of iOS: the ability to create and select different lock screens.

Lock screen, one of the main novelties of iOS 16

The ability to customize the lock screen on iPhone is, in fact, one of the main features of iOS 16. A version that, as a reminder, is already available for iPhone 8 and later. Apple, in particular, allows you to choose different styles of watches, change text colors or add widgets that can provide relevant information. Among them, one is to find out the battery of the terminal itself or those accessories that are connected to the iPhone. The company also allows third-party apps to create and launch widgets on the lock screen.

Another curious feature of this new iOS 16 lock screen is the possibility of designing a specific fund for each concentration mode. Thus, when the user activates, for example, Do Not Disturb mode, the system automatically applies a pre-configured background for him, without the owner of the iPhone having to do anything else.

Source: Hiper Textual

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