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Nvidia launches metaverse service Omniverse in 100 countries


Nvidia today announced the launch of Omniverse Cloud, its metaverse service, available in 100 countries worldwide, on September 20. Companies and people will be able to leverage the virtual space on Nvidia’s servers via the cloud, eliminating the need for a powerful device to run metadata.

Omniverse Cloud is described by Nvidia as “infrastructure as a service”. In other words, the company offers its clients a set of tools and expert teams so that contractors can organize their space in the metadatabase via the cloud. Companies will also be able to create their own apps in USD standard using the platform and then offer them as products.

According to Nvidia, the Omniverse Cloud is used by more than 700 companies worldwide, with a total of 200,000 people.

“To understand the impact this will have, the traditional internet as we know it today connects websites defined as HTML and viewed by a browser.” – commented Richard Kerris, vice president of Omniverse. “The metaverse will be the evolution of this internet, connecting 3D virtual worlds using USD or universal scene definition.”

There are many uses, as exemplified in the Nvidia announcement, from creating spaces for meetings and collaborative creations to “duplicating” real places into a virtual environment where people can “visit” and learn what version of the physical world is. without having to move.

Source: Tec Mundo



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