Kitty Hawk, the flying car startup of Google co-founder Larry Page, has closed. The Verge reports it. The company itself promised to reveal the details later.

Google co-founder’s flying car startup shuts down

Insider learned from sources at Kitty Hawk that the startup was closing before work on Heaviside’s electric plane was finished. The range of his flight was to be 100 miles-160 km. Heaviside first introduced an electric plane in 2019.

According to the publication, the founder of the startup, Larry Page, retired a long time ago, but at the same time he studied the possibilities and ways of developing Kitty Hawk after the completion of work on Heaviside.

The closure of in-house production of Kitty Hawk will not affect the work of Wisk Aero air taxis. This is a joint project of Kitty Hawk with Boeing, the aircraft manufacturer invested $450 million in it in early 2022.

Google co-founder Larry Page launched Kitty Hawk in 2010. The startup introduced the first VTOL prototype called the Flyer in 2017 and placed a pre-order in 2018. However, the company faced a series of difficulties due to battery fires. and uncertain positioning. He then switched to the Heaviside project.


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