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Yes, you can walk on the road as long as you follow these DGT rules.


natural place a pedestrian these are sidewalks. Or if they don’t exist, walking paths. But, and some drivers forget this, pedestrians also have the right to go on the road. Although they must follow some regulations belonging DHT very strict because your life is at stake.

There are many people who walk or run on the outskirts of cities and in many cases there is no walking path for them. So literally they walk the roads where cars drive.

Or maybe your car or bike has broken down and you have to walk. Whatever the reason, it’s important to know road rules.


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The DGT collects in its DGT magazine the rules for walking down the street, crossing the street and walking on the road.

It is important to know them, because not only you can get a good fineif you break them. More importantly, your life and the lives of others are in danger. Let’s take a look at them.

DGT rules for driving on the road

They are easy to learn, so memorize them.

  • He will drive only on roads where there is no direct ban. There are roads prohibited for pedestrians, including all expressways and motorways.
  • Golden Rule Turn leftThis way you will see ahead of approaching vehicles, in case you have to dodge them…
  • If they are, then you have to walk on the shoulder. Otherwise it will be used part of the road closest to the edge. In any case, if there are several people circulating, they will have to follow each other (in one file).
  • If you need to cross a road, you must first look for areas with visibility, avoiding curves and slopes. Cars go faster than we sometimes expect.
  • If possible, wears bright, bright clothes, or reflective vests to make us more visible to drivers. Wearing gray on the road is a bad idea…
  • And, of course, no mobile phone listen to music or the radio with headphones, as this isolates us from traffic and makes pedestrians even more vulnerable.

These are tips from DHT logical and rational, so use them when you go out to go on the road. Your life is at stake!

Source: Computer Hoy

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